Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Airline Policies

Is your family thinking of taking a vacation where you will be flying with your allergic child? Click on the link below to view a handy chart from listing the allergy policies of some major airline carriers.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Candy Heart Contest

Enjoy Life Foods is having a Candy Heart Phrase contest on the Enjoy Life Facebook page.

"All phrases must contain a nod to an Enjoy Life product or one of the common food allergies. All entries are due by February 14, 2009. Winners will be chosen the week after Valentine's Day."

So put on your thinking caps and sign up now for a chance to win a FREE Enjoy Life Foods t-shirt!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Disposable Wristbands

I recently stumbled across this website ( which offers a product called "My 411 Wristbands". These disposable wristbands can be customized to relay important information about your child.

“My 411 Wristbands” are designed to give parents peace of mind when dropping off children at birthday parties or field trips, or even when taking them to amusement parks. Other adults or caregivers have a means to contact the child’s parent or to learn vital information by looking at their 411. The disposable wristbands include the child’s first name, the parent’s first name and cell phone number and any allergies or special needs the child may have. These can be customized to fit any parent’s needs.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Giveaway!

Head over to One Frugal Foodie before Sunday, February 8th, for a chance to win a Valentine's Day box of chocolate hearts from Premium Chocolatiers which is a company that makes gourmet dairy-free and nut-free chocolates!

"Premium Chocolatiers supplies the finest gourmet truffles and chocolates to all chocolate lovers including those with milk or nut sensitivities. Vegetarians, Lactose Intolerant, Food Allergy sufferers, as well as Kosher Pareve consumers can now also enjoy quality milk like, though dairy free chocolates! "

Monday, February 2, 2009

Combining Forces To Find A Cure

"For a number of years, FAI and The Food Allergy Project have worked toward a common goal of finding a cure for life-threatening food allergies," said Todd Slotkin, FAI's chairman and president. "After partnering on many important research and advocacy initiatives, our two organizations have now formally joined together with a renewed commitment to bring families affected by food allergies the treatments that we are all so eager to find."
Food Allergy Project and Food Allergy Initiative Merge To Find A Cure
The dilemma of the Epipen Case.

My husband took my 5 year old to his first Badger Hockey game last weekend and when he was about to leave he asked for the Epipens. I am always happy when my husband remembers to ask for the epipens without me having to remind him. So I hand him the Epipen case with two Epipens in it and he gives me the look.
You know the look of that will not fit into my pocket and you are going to make me carry that thing arent you. I said what? He proceeds into it is pink and flowery, so I change the case for him. That made him happier and this one fit into his pocket.
This makes me start to wonder... what do other families use to carry epipens???? We do have a few different types of cases for the epipens I never seem to find just the right one that will work for all situations. Plus I have three children all with food allergies. I need epipens at school for two of them, then we have church, Awanas, home, playdates, and of course I carry a set in the diaper bag and a set in my purse.
But here are a few I have come across. I would love to hear others opinions on what they use.

Here are a few I found interesting.

Allergykids has a cute one, this is what I have at school for each of my two oldest. It holds two Epipens, allergy alert cards, and Benadryl in it.

The AllergyKids Med Case measures 6”W x9”L and comes in black, water repellant, europrene with the AllergyKids symbol and trademark on it in fluorescent green. The AllergyKids Med Case has a front zipper, as well as a clip and a carrying strap for easy handling and access, and is big enough to hold two epinephrine injections, your child’s Benadryl®, his inhaler and anything else that you may want to include.

Here is one I found that I thought my 7 year old daughter would like. She basically likes anything pink and sparkly. The only thing I don't like is that it only holds one Epipen and we ALWAYS carry two per child.

I actually have this one, but ended up not liking it at all. It again only holds one pen, and it actually it so tight holding just the one it is hard to get the pen in and out of it. I liked the fact it was lined, so it may keep it better insulated in severe temps but it just was to small for me.

Allergy Haven

Here are two more I have gotten. The pink flowered one works good, and my daughter thinks it is pretty which is nice. This is the one we carry for her in her backpack, and to playdates. The blue one we ended up not liking because the belt was HUGE and could not be made small enough to fit any of my kids. We did give it to some friends whose daughter loves it and uses it for school epipens.

Take in Case
This one I am actually kind of excited to see. In the summer the kids, my hubby, and I like to go bike riding and for walks. We of course always bring the epipens and my husband is usually the one that will stick the Epipens in his pocket or I bring my purse to carry them. I found this website and I think this would be great for our summer activities. I may be ordering this one before summer. I will let you know how it works out if I order one.

Protectube Auto Injector Case

Someone in the support group told me about this one. They used it when they went to a hotel with a pool and needed to take the epipens down to the pool and wanted to make sure they were safe and did not get wet.

The doctor-recommended Protectube offers the ultimate protection for anyone who must carry an auto-injector. Made of extremely strong and durable material, it is lightweight, water-proof, and UV protected. The easy-to-open PVC cap is quickly removed for speedy access to your auto-injectors. Discharged auto-injectors can be stored in Protectube until proper needle disposal can be obtained. Tube is "see through" for easy identification, with room to include instructions.