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The federal government is putting the finishing touches on an important document: "Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy"

Here's what it does:

Makes recommendations to healthcare providers on how to diagnose, manage and treat food allergy
Identifies gaps in the current science to be addressed through future research
Offers solutions to controversies in patient management practices

Do you share FAI's thoughts?

Are you glad these guidelines are coming out?

Is there something else you wish were covered?

Make a public comment -- it's easy:

1. View the guidelines

2. Click on the public comment form

3. Follow the easy instructions to submit your comment

We, the public, are invited and encouraged to comment on these draft guidelines.

Here's what FAI thinks:

We are appreciative and grateful that the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) is issuing these guidelines and commend the agency for creating comprehensive guidelines that incorporate the input of the leaders in the field.

As NIAID has noted, this process has helped shine a spotlight on gaps in the science that can be addressed through research. Now that they have developed guidelines to help effectively manage food allergies, policymakers should focus on expanding research and closing those gaps that will eventually lead to a cure.

The public comment period closes on May 6th -- act now!

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