Friday, March 27, 2009

Allergen Labeling Study

A study at the University of Nebraska found that peanut, milk, and egg proteins were found in products labeled with "may contain", "shared equipment", and "shared facility" warnings. Even more unnerving were the results from a separate study showing that a handful of products with no warnings whatsoever did indeed test positive for milk and/or egg protein.

The Nebraska study found that milk was commonly present in products with a variety of labeling terms:

23 of 50 labeled as "may contain milk"
13 of 57 with "shared equipment" language
9 of 40 with "shared facility" language
16 of 29 with milk listed as a "minor" ingredient
1 of 3 with other labeling terminology

In order to keep our food allergic children as safe as possible, we should all remember that if there is *any* type of may contain warning on a package to assume that it could, in fact, be contaminated and avoid it.

You can view the article in it's entirety here:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Surf Sweets - Organic & Natural Candy

We were lucky enough to have samples of Surf Sweets Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms at our March Support Group Meeting. Surf Sweets products are produced in a facility free of: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, nuts, fish, and shellfish.

This is of course the biggest draw for a food allergy support group that they are free of the top 8 allergens but

Other interesting things to note about Surf Sweets:
~ Surf Sweets are Stage 2 Feingold approved. You can learn more about the Feingold diet at
~ Four of their products are Vegetarian (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, Jelly Beans and Sour Worms). Our Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms contain gelatin so they are not vegetarian.
~Three of their products are Vegan (Fruity Bears, Gummy Swirls, and Sour Worms).
~all of their products are both gluten-free and casein-free. Casein is the protein found in dairy.

How are Surf Sweets different from other gummy candies and jelly beans?

Surf Sweets products are made with natural colors and flavors, organic fruit juice and sweeteners, and provide you with your daily allowance of Vitamin C. We are also one of the only candies made without corn syrup.

They make Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Gummy swirls, Fruity Bears, Jelly Beans, Sour Worms. Check out their website for more information

Everyone seemed to like the taste and texture. Price wise and availability wise these are a great find as well. They are carried at local stores and online and are less then $2.00 a bag at most places.
Here are a few quotes from some of the members:

The boys really liked the gummy bears. They are pretty picky and I like the fact here are no dyes and additives. I really enjoyed the taste and texture as well.

Mom of 7 and 4 year old boys

Kids seemed to like the sour ones best. I will be ordering these for the Easter Baskets.

Mom of 7,5,2 year old children.

I try to avoid dyes in my kids foods and I like the fact they have to dye in the products.

Mom of 5 year old twins

Now for the best part... If you would like to try a FREE sample bag of these treats, send me a note and I will mail you a bag. First five to respond.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Home Free - Treats You Can Trust

Anyone who came to the February support group meeting had the opportunity to sample several varieties of Home Free cookies including Organic Oatmeal, Organic Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Organic Chocolate Chip Minis, and Organic Chocolate Chocolate Chip Minis that the company was gracious enough to send us. These cookies are made in a dedicated bakery and are free of peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and egg.

Our members gave positive feedback and everybody seemed to have their favorite. Overall the most popular flavor seemed to be the Organic Oatmeal Cookies with the Organic Chocolate Chip Minis coming in a close second. We all agreed that it is wonderful to have a company that is able to supply our food allergic children with a variety of safe treats which goes a long way in helping them feel included in every day life.

Please stop by to check out their line of allergy-free cookies, coffee cakes, and baking ingredients to fit your needs!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Review of Skin Free Soap

Our group was lucky enough to be able to try some samples of a newer product out on the market. Skin Free Soap. This is a very nice gentle soap that works great on sensitive, dry, itchy, skin.
Our members really liked this soap, they found it was gentle enough for use on eczema prone skin. Did not leave any residue on the skin and was overall a nice product. Many we purchase this soap for their family.

So you may be asking what is Skin Free Skin Care products well....

Skin Free™ Skin Care Products

Recommended for individuals with:
  • Extreme Dry Skin
  • Skin or Fragrance Allergies
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Babies
  • The Elderly
  • Diabetics
  • Renal Patients
  • After Radiation or chemotherapy
Pharmacist formulated and doctor recommended patented formulas for delicate, sensitive and very dry or damaged skin.
  • All Natural, Vegan Ingredients
  • No Perfumes
  • No Petroleum Products
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • No Steroids
  • No Colorants
  • No Greasy feeling
  • No Animal Testing, Cruelty Free
Some of the products you can get are:
  • Extra Moisturizing Soap & Shampoo Bar™ - 3.5 oz - $3.99
  • Super Moisture Butter Creme™ - 8 fl. oz - $12.99
  • Lite Moisture for Blemish Prone Skin - 50 ml - $15.99
  • Whipped Tamanu Body Butter™ - 8 oz - $18.99
  • Super Moisture Body Balm™ - 8 fl oz - $12.99

But there are many more to try and use.

You can purchase these items online or at Walgreens.