Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Party Tips for Children with Food Allergies, So All Guests Feel Included

** elmo cake is egg, dairy, peanut, tree nut free**

Over 12 million people in the United States have to choose their foods carefully because they have severe food allergies. One out of every
twenty five kids has food allergies. Strictly avoiding allergens is the
only way to stay safe. Food allergies should not hold anyone,
especially kids, back from having fun and feeling included!

If it is your child with the food allergy or one of the other children attending, there are steps you can take for a safe and inclusive party:

Communicate with parents and guests directly in advance. Being prepared
as best you can, will eliminate a stressful situation during the party.

Work together so everyone feels safe and included. Understand what
foods must be avoided, and which are safe so there are no surprises.

Being prepared by speaking directly with your guest or parent will make
you a better host. Ask for assistance if necessary, but do all you can to
make your guest feel "welcome, expected and included".

Many times, people with food allergies are served last because their meals
must be prepared separately. You will really touch someone's heart if you
go the extra mile to make sure this does not happen!

While planning your party, ask your guest's parents for delicious,
safe menu ideas.

Welcome your guests with food allergies to bring along their own food,
and encourage them to bring enough to be shared. This way your other
guests will learn that allergy-free foods can be delicious, too.

Make sure your guests do not trade food. When guests leave and return
to their seats, ask that they do just that -- return to their own seats!

If a child is food allergic, make sure a responsible adult is watching out
for that guests' safety during the party.

There are recipes and bakeries that can make cake with-out dairy, eggs, nuts and even wheat. Do some research, and even some experimenting ahead of time.

Likewise there are "safe" candies, and non food related goodies that can be used as party favors.

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