Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Product Review

Lundberg Rice!

I recently received a sample of Lundberg Rice from a food allergy resource fair and was excited to try it at home. My kids can eat rice and they like rice. So this was perfect for my family.

Our sample was for the Short Grain Brown rice. We have a rice cooker so I made the rice according to my rice cooker directions (equal water to rice ratio) and hit the button. In about 15 minutes we had a nice side dish to our chicken. I normally buy white rice so this was a bit a new taste for my family the kids and I LOVED IT. The rice had a nice firm texture with a "nutty" taste. Which was odd for our nut free home to say it has a nutty taste.

I have found a new rice that we will definatly be purchasing again. They have 10 varieties in all. California Brown Basmati

California White Jasmine

California Brown Jasmine

Brown Sweet Rice

California Sushi Rice

California White Basmati

Golden Rose Brown

Long Grain Brown

Long GRain White

Short Grain Brown
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