Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flourishing with Food Allergies

I was recently honored to read a new book out on the market A. Anderson’s new book, Flourishing with Food Allergies. I loved the fact that it covers more then one families story about how they learned they had allergies and how they started to cope with it. It also covers other diseases or problems that sometimes go hand in hand with food allergies. Such as asthma, and Autism. Anyone who has a family member with food allergies should take the time to sit down and read this book. A must have for your food allergy library.

A Anderson's new book, Flourishing with Food Allergies, helps families with food-allergic children in a totally unique way—by not just sharing a single parent’s or doctor’s perspective—but detailing twenty-two testimonials of mothers, fathers, pediatricians and an allergist, naturopath and psychotherapist, along with thorough research on the latest research, theories and findings. The book has been called “a support group in a book.

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